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You Really Got Me!

As a kid growing up in Malta in the mid '60s, Paul Endacott remembers the day he found his musical mojo. "It was in the summer of '64 that Dave Davies' guitar riff screamed out of an open window and slapped me across the face..." That same riff is now played on all of Paul's 'official' Kinks sightseeing tours of Muswell Hill and acts as a constant reminder of the day that changed a young boy's life... Forever!

In the intervening years, having survived the taunts and jibes from fellow boarding school chums while jamming in his dormitory, Paul began performing in public in the early 70s, reaching the finals of the Guinness sponsored 'Duel Of The Duos' talent competition to find the best pub duo in London.

He was on a roll..! Solo performances at The Cat's Whiskers in Streatham Hill and many other clubs, pubs and wine bars quickly followed, culminating in more recent singing engagements at The Troubadour and Abbey Road in London, and in December 2022, at the famous Twickenham Studios for a remake of The Beatles' iconic 'Hey Jude' video.

After running his own advertising agency for over 30 years, but with a passion for music from the 1960s deeply seated, Paul launched Music Heritage London (MHL) in 2015 with a view to providing music enthusiasts around the world with an integrated, authentic and compelling experience. He packaged London's vast 60s music and cultural history and now promotes this unique combination globally, preserving its legacy for future generations to enjoy and be inspired by!

And it hasn't gone unnoticed. In 2018, MHL was awarded 'Best British Heritage Tour Operator - London' by CV Magazine and their London in the 1960s tours were bestowed the Badge of Excellence by TripAdvisor. Later that same year, Group Travel Organiser Magazine described it as The most immersive and compelling music experience to rock the streets of London. And in 2023, MHL won the 'Best Road Tour' accolade at the 'London For Groups' awards, being nominated again for the 2024 award in the 'Best Guided Tour' category.

"As the media spotlight remains focused on 60s culture, fashion and music and the legends who created and performed it, we continue to expand our tour and event options; Scheduled and Bespoke tours on our psychedelic tour bus and Group tours on our vintage 1960s Routemasters. And to satisfy the growing needs and expectations of music tourist from around the world who are unable to visit London in person, our live online tours will begin again in 2024." Endacott announced recently. "But future success will be measured by our ability to engage with younger audiences and I'm delighted and encouraged by recent bookings from North Carolina State University and Dwight School in South Korea"

With all that Paul has achieved to date, the future bodes well for the legacy of London's 60s music, fashion and culture. But what of the other decades? "Watch this space" says Paul. "We've only just got London's tourists swinging again, just like they did in 1966 !"

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philippe parisse
philippe parisse
Nov 23, 2023
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