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Then And Now

Would you Adam and Eve it... Last week, The Rolling Stones were at #1 in the UK albums chart with *Hackney Diamonds, their first compilation of original material in over 18 years! And with a little help from the much maligned 'AI', The Beatles are tipped to claim the #1 spot in next week's UK singles chart with their much publicised mashup, 'Now And Then'.

Whether by chance or design, these two titans of popular music, have achieved what no other group have, or are likely to ever do again in the field of popular music. The Beatles first met The Stones at the original Crawdaddy Club's Station Hotel location in Richmond on Sunday 14th April 1963 and remained pals ever since. If these are to be their final 'swan-songs', securing respective #1s has truly cemented their legacy into the hearts and minds of boomers and new gens around the world, while making it cool to be a musical septau' and octogenarian. Pete Townsend didn't die before he got old and those well respected Kinks men, Ray, Dave and Mick, continue to enjoy many sunny afternoons!

You can now book your very own private Stones, Beatles and Kinks sightseeing tours, discovering more about the prevailing social landscape that allowed for their meteoric rise to fame while visiting their London homes and haunts and the venues where they cut their musical teeth, to a backdrop of their early hits. CLICK HERE for more information and available dates.

*For those who didn't know, 'Hackney Diamonds' is an old Cockney rhyming slang phrase for broken glass. specifically referring to shards of glass left over from broken car and shop windows as a result of robbery.

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