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Celebrity Spotlight - John Carter

More of a vlog than a blog, I hope you enjoy this insight into one of the world's most prolific and gifted songwriters, singers and record producers which we first live streamed around the world over lockdown.

At the start of the 60s music boom, John Nicholas Shakespeare and fellow Brummie, Ken Hawker made their way down to London', secured an office in Denmark Street and got to work... as Carter-Lewis.

If you don't recognise his name, there is no doubt you will know the music!

He wrote for Peter and Gordon, Mary Hopkins, Brenda Lee and Manfred Mann... Sang BV on 'I Can't Explain' by The Who, LV on 'Winchester Cathedral' (that one where he cups his hands around his mouth to emulate a megaphone), 'Let's Go To San Francisco' and who could forget those fab harmonies from another of the groups he sang with and wrote for, The Ivy League.

Pour yourself a drink, and settle down for an hour to watch our video featuring John and his lovely wife Gil, talking about their last 60 plus years and the No1 hit they co-wrote in the summer of 1973 which took the world by storm. Watch John and his new writing partner Sal, cover many of his hits, recorded just for us... enjoy!

Don't forget, this was recorded in lockdown so tour and event dates will have passed.

John Carter (R) in the Ivy League. Intro music written and co-produced by David Stark with LV by Ben Champniss (Shrimpy from EastEnders)

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Rated 5 out of 5 stars.

The 60s songs were magical, fabulous, I think I am the only singer/songwriter that writes verse an chorus songs, (1,000,000 Spotify Streams) in that style. Once again, thank you. Mick J. Clark.

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