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10.30am - Thu and Sat 

London in the Swinging Sixties

From the moment you board our psychedelic 'Magic Bus’, you’ll be transported back to one of the most defining decades of the 20th century.


As you cruise the King’s Road - Swinging London’s beating heart, you’ll hear about the post-war austerity and the cultural revolution that gave rise to an explosion of jazz, blues, the birth of rock 'n' roll and the creation of the mini skirt.


You’ll see where music legends lived and performed, the boutiques where they shopped and visit lesser-known but equally important studios where some of the greatest 60s hits were recorded and album covers photographed.


12.30pm - Thu and Sat

Birthplace of The Rolling Stones

Conceived at the Ealing Club in the spring of 1962, The Rolling Stones ‘kicked-off’ their career at the Station Hotel, Richmond on Sunday 24th February 1963


Travel back to their spiritual home and visit the locations in Richmond where they performed regularly between 1962 and 1964.


The tour takes you past their homes and haunts in Chelsea and the venues where they played. You’ll stop at Olympic Studios, where they recorded six consecutive albums and the church hall location in Richmond where the group performed to a dozen or so fans in various line-ups before securing their first weekly residency at the Crawdaddy Club in Richmond.


You’ll see where Mick and Ronnie lived more recently and the spectacular views they enjoyed from the top of Richmond Hill, before the tour ends at Richmond Station with fast and frequent services back to all parts of London and Windsor.

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4.00pm - Thu and Sat

Rock 'n' Royal Richmond

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