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Sunday 25th April - 5.00pm BST

Birthplace of the Rolling Stones

Walk in the footsteps of one of the best R&B groups ever! Visit the spiritual home of The Rolling Stones and hear stories about their fateful meeting with the '4-headed monster' and how it led to their success.

Sunday 25th April - 7.00pm BST

London in the Swinging 60s

Cruise down the King's Road in Chelsea, the beating heart of Swinging London, and visit era defining music and fashion locations that rocked a generation to a backdrop of original 60s hits supplied by Radio Caroline. 

"I did the virtual tour yesterday and thoroughly enjoyed it. Paul is a fabulous host with a wealth of knowledge and information, To be taken down into the Troubador is something that I would never have been able to do myself. A great evening spent and I will be doing more!!." 

"As a frequent London traveller and music fan I try to do as many rock history tours as I can when I visit the city. About a year ago I did one of the other tours this company offers, The Birth of The Rolling Stones, which was nothing short of amazing! With my travel temporarily sidelined by the pandemic I was beyond excited to see that the Swinging 60s Experience had started to offer virtual tours. Since then I’ve done three or four! The Beatles, Stones and other music trivia, 60s fashion locales, famous music venues and other locations from that era make this tour a must for those wanting to learn more about Swinging 60s London Paul is a fantastic host, and frequently has special guests along for the ride. Today we were joined by the legendary Mike Berry! This tour has it all, and with the virtual option you can enjoy it all from the comfort of your own home. I would highly recommend the Swinging 60s Experience!"  

"...I must say I was skeptical... I'm 63 years old so I still can't grasp all the power and uses of the internet, but it was the BEATLES, it was London and that's a no brainer ! I was totally taken aback about how amazing the technology was and of course seeing sights that I had only seen in movies, videos and whatever form Beatlemania took over the last 60 years ! The fact that it's LIVE and you can ask questions, hear the birds chirping, the rain falling on our particular tour, that it feels like I was actually there..."